Brightkite & Layar take you through the looking glass to see your friends in a new dimension

Brightkite already lets you see what your friends are doing in two dimensions – in a customizable real-time stream and in a map view. We’ve now partnered with Layar to add a third dimension. Using the Layar Augmented Reality Browser, you can now look at the world around you through your phone’s camera, and see your friends’ posts, photos and locations superimposed exactly where they were made. As you turn the phone around, you see the posts to each side and behind you.

Want to know where everyone is? Just point your camera at the world and see who’s where.

Want to know what people thought of the bar in front of you? Just point your phone at it, and see the comments and photos people have left in the past.

Can’t remember which restaurant you liked last time? Just point your phone and see what you said about each.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video, or get out your android phone and give it a try.

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Source : Brightkite Blog