VirtualLife project

VirtualLife project aims at developing a virtual world platform mainly focusing on security, democracy and collaborative aspects. Combining a virtual legal system with a strong security infrastructure and a peer-to-peer architecture, VirtualLife provides a digital 3d environment suitable for education, training, e-commerce, business and entertainment.

VirtualLife constitutes a new form of civil organization, finalized to the creation of secure and ruled places within the virtual world, where important transactions can occur. The aggregation in communities and the collaboration between users is encouraged in order to reach a management of common and private interests. This collaboration is achieved through the definition of common rules that take care of all the involved cultures. A standard collection of laws, the Virtual Constitution, finalized to the creation and regulation of a secure and trusted environment (Virtual Nation) will be studied.

In order to reach high quality 3D metaverses and provide a rich user-experience, the Virtual World will be based on a peer-to-peer network with nodes connected using a secure protocol. Thus the resulting Virtual World will not be hosted on a central server cluster but will be based on a network of Virtual Zone Servers (VZ Servers). This gives the end-user the full control on the fundamental components of the Virtual Zone Server and the protection of his sensible data.

The peer-to-peer architecture will enable easy and fast sharing of contents without third ruling partners: the only ruling entity will be the law in force, defined by the users’ community and accepted by those users who join the community afterwards.

Each VZ Server simulates all the entities in the zone and gives the users the possibility to create and share contents, media, and data in a very intuitive way.

VirtualLife constitutes a new form of virtual organization, representing the transition from existing Virtual Worlds administrator-centric to a civil organization ruled by a common “jus gentium” within an immersive, high quality, 3D virtual reality environment.

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