Project your navigation or your map with the GPS Tamtam Flash

Tamtam flash takes its user by the hand and on a playful discovery tour, just like a local that shows him around, but pocked-sized and always there. tamtam flash resembles a flash light, it lights its user the way and helps him feel secure in a foreign environment. But instead of lighting the dark with a cone of light, it projects navigation information on the user’s path and thus generates an immediate, intuitive way of navigation. In case the user gets lost, he can project a usual map on any surface. This map is zoomable and scrollable like any digital map.

By turning the „aperture”, the user chooses between the two navigation modes or, in map mode, zooms in and out of the map. Additionally, tamtam flash is able to read QR tags. These tags, placed at points-of-interests, can be aimed at with the „tamtam flash” and thus additional information about that location will be displayed.

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