Symposium: Exploring the impact of virtual worlds and the 3D internet on the Fashion Industry

This post is a mail from Robin Teigland

When: Tuesday, August 23, 5:00 am to 10:30 am SLT, 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm Iceland time
Where: Mixed reality event / simulcast in Reykjavik, Iceland and in Second Life on the Stockholm School of Economics island (SLURL:!)

NVWN – The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network ( would very much like to invite you to participate in a symposium on August 23, 2011 exploring the impact of virtual worlds and the 3D internet on the Fashion Industry. As virtual worlds and the 3D internet have the potential to transform the technological, social, and economic dimensions of many industries, we have chosen to explore the Fashion Industry in particular as it is one industry leading the way in terms of developments across an industry’s value chain. We have an exciting list of presenters from both industry and academia who will speak on variety of topics from various virtual worlds (see below).

We are also seeking an additional 1-2 speakers who would like to contribute to this event. If you are interested in making a 30 minute presentation, please send us the title and abstract of your talk (200 words) as well as your bio (100 words) by July 29. Alternatively, if you have an interesting idea for a panel or other event related to the symposium’s topic, you are more than welcome to submit a suggestion for this as well by July 29. Please send your submission to Robin Teigland at robin.teigland at

Speakers (and preliminary topics) in alphabetical order:

1. Linda Björg Árnadóttir, Director of Fashion Department, Iceland Academy of Arts and Creative Director, Scintilla: Challenges and Opportunities for Fashion Designers in 3D and Virtual Worlds.

2. Göran Lindqvist, Principal Associate, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School
of Economics: Does Space Matter? Exploring the Second Life Fashion Industry and its Value Chain from an Agglomeration/Regional Development Perspective.

3. Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of CCP GamesA Look inside the Eve Online Economy and its Fashion Industry.

4. Dominic Power, Professor, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University: Creating Successful Virtual World Fashion Brands: What Can We Learn from the “Real” World? 

5. Malin Ströman – Former Online Strategist and Concept Developer, VP of Product, Content at Stardoll 2005 to 2010, Fashion in the Future: A Look at Today’s Young International Entrepreneurs.

6.  Shenlei Winkler, CEO of Fashion Research Institute Inc3D Technologies and the Apparel Industry: Some Insights from OpenSim and other VWs.