Remember Carthage, short film with images from PS3, Second Life, etc.

Remember Carthage is a new short film by artists Jon Rafman and Rosa Aiello, presented online for the New Museum’s monthly First Look series. 

An essay film in the tradition of experimental documentarians like Chris Marker or Harun Farocki, Remember Carthage takes the viewer on an epic journey in search of an abandoned resort town deep in the Sahara desert. However, one travels not through archival or personal images but through footage sourced from PS3 video games and Second Life, depicting ancient civilizations that seem at once familiar and totally fantastical. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition “Museum as Hub: Walking Drifting Dragging,” which centers on artist expeditions, Remember Carthage is a first-person journey through a historical fantasia that highlights the fictionalizing and exoticization of culture within gaming and virtual worlds. (Read more HERE)


Remember Carthage, 2013 from jonrafman on Vimeo.

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